HauntNav Prize Patrol


HauntNav.com Prize Patrol
Rules and Use

You must be signed up on HauntNav.com with a username and a legitimate email address.
HauntNav will hold random drawings for all members of the site. Being a member is free and there is no obligation to set up a campaign or donate in any way. Though we hope you will!

If you see your user name next to "Prize Patrol Winner" You win.
You then have 24 hours from when your username was posted to email prizepatrol@hauntnav.com from your legitimate email address ( must be the same email address you signed up with). Hauntnav will email you back with info about your prize and how we can get the prize to you.
Prizes are absolutely random and users are drawn randomly. There is no limit to how many times you can win!

By taking part in the HauntNav Prize Patrol, you agree to our terms of use.

Interested in sponsoring prizes for HauntNav's Prize Patrol? Contact us at sponsor@hauntnav.com we will get right back to you and work out what HauntNav can do for you.