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Film/ Movies

ScareAtorium: Love is Crazy...Aren't You?

by Jason Wilson
A musical journey through the love, jealousy, betrayal and murder that happens as the lives of four people entwine at the Northland Asylum
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Funded Contributed Jul 7, 2014
Film/ Movies

S.P.O.O.K.S Horror Comedy TV Series

by Herb Kinney
The SPOOKS TV series is a Horror Comedy that parodies a group of ghost hunters!
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Funded Contributed Mar 17, 2014
Books and Publication

Weather Forecast of Horror: Funding A Furious Wind

by Michael Stephenson
The horror of a town trapped in more than just another storm.
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Funded Contributed Nov 30, 2013
Film/ Movies

Marriage Conselor

by Thomas Smith
This is Purgatory Magazines first Horror feature film!
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Funded Contributed Dec 11, 2013
Masks/ Prosthetics

Scary Peeper Prank Prop

by Morgan Dowtin
The Scary Peeper is a hilarious prank product that hangs outside of a window. It emulates a 'peeping tom' staring in at you! Very Scary!!!
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Funded Contributed Sep 29, 2013